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penis rebel

Share Sweeping changes to Penis rebel science were announced at the same time as controversial corruption decrees that sparked massive protests in February. Research minister Șerban Valeca, an engineer appointed by the new social-democratic government in January, has dismissed almost the entire membership of four councils that provide advice on funding policy, research strategy, ethics, and innovation.

Penis rebel rid the councils of all Romanian scientists working abroad and appointed replacements including a surgeon under investigation for embezzlement, union members known for their loyalty to the government, little-known city council members, and members of obscure academic institutions that appear to exist mostly on paper.

He also virtually eliminated the role of foreign scientists in grant evaluations.

The changes, announced late January and formalized in April, were initially overshadowed by massive anticorruption protests. But the academic community is now fighting back.

penis rebel

On 30 May, Ad Astraa grassroots organization for scientists, urged the scientific community to boycott the evaluation process for national grant competitions. The same penis rebel, the European University Association said it was "worried" about Valeca's decisions.

penis rebel

Ovidiu Andronesi, an assistant professor of radiology at Harvard Medical School in Boston, says he and many other members of one body, the National Research Council NRClearned they had been dismissed in an email received just before midnight on 31 January—almost at the same time as the government passed an emergency decree that decriminalized some corruption offences, sparking the widespread protests.

NRC was to penis rebel the next day, and members from abroad had already arrived here. Penis rebel country invests only 0.

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Meanwhile, attempts to shake off the legacy of communist rule and boost quality have often met with political resistance. To reduce conflicts of interest, for instance, Funeriu passed legislation requiring grant applications to be reviewed by experts abroad and instituting minimum qualifications for job candidates—only to see those reforms undone by his successor.

penis rebel

Among the 18 members dismissed from the National Council of Ethics are renowned Romanian scientists working in France, Mexico, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

Other sore points: The new penis rebel include not a single scholar penis rebel the humanities, and some of the best-ranked universities are underrepresented—apparently for political reasons, critics say. The councils have also been suspended for 3 months, which may cause grants to be delayed, scientists say.

penis rebel

Meanwhile, Valeca stands accused of favoring a research project that he has been deeply involved in.